Case Studies

VIMRO has provided best-in-class outsourced IT services to leading companies in a variety of industries.

A 100 year old leading national marketing solutions provider (online and print) with over 80 million users needed to connect several hundred of its existing permanent sales and administrative offices with hundreds of constantly moving temporary sales offices around the U.S. The difficulty was in designing processes to quickly stand up hundreds of new sales office locations for immediate connectivity of the sales teams to the national sales and administrative support offices. The added complexity was the widespread and very remote locations of the sales offices in virtually every state of the United States. VIMRO worked with the client to develop a reliable and effective networking system for connecting the constantly moving sales teams. VIMRO then executed the deployment of the networking hardware and systems for the new and constantly moving sales offices while managing the existing sales locations.

A major IT solutions provider headquartered in India expanded into the U.S. market with several datacenter locations and a service line for thousands of U.S. based small and medium size businesses. The client developed and launched a localized and virtualized back-up solution utilized by thousands of businesses around the U.S. VIMRO was trusted with the responsibility to stand up and manage the key east coast datacenter and develop a logistics operations center for the delivery of services for the client and its national clientele. The logistics operation serviced as a central receiving location for the clients hardware components vital to the delivery of services to the U.S. based businesses. VIMRO handled the datacenter, network, hardware infrastructure and the central logistics facility operated the transfer of client data to storage servers.

A Fortune 500 telecom giant began a project of multiple datacenter consolidations and infrastructure and hardware upgrades. VIMRO was engaged for its nationwide capabilities and expertise to move people from datacenter to datacenter and execute the network and hardware consolidations and upgrade efforts.

A major, national marketing solutions provider with multiple datacenter locations on the west and east coasts of the United States wanted to audit its datacenter network operations to eliminate unused hardware and software components to reduce expenses and ensure the network was operating at maximum performance levels. The Client recognized that a single solutions provider with expertise in designing and deployment of high-availability networks was necessary to view the separate yet connected datacenters as a single operation.

A High Traffic Entertainment Portal for college audiences was growing rapidly. In order to provide uptime requirements to a nationwide base of users while meeting service level agreements with advertisers, the website had to be fast, reliable and always available online. Because of the rapid popularity and user growth, the infrastructure could not keep up with the growing number of visitors, download and data storage. Furthermore, advertisers were getting impatient with the site’s poor performance and frequent outages, which cost VIMRO’s client thousands of dollars per minute of downtime.

VIMRO engineers analyzed the existing infrastructure and developed a new design to meet performance and availability targets. Components of the new infrastructure included:

  • Redundant and efficient load balancing for web traffic
  • Cost efficient system architecture based on Linux and Solaris operating systems
  • Virtualization using Solaris and VMWare to maximize hardware utilization and reduce costs
  • Design and implementation of content distribution networks for serving ads, images and videos
  • MySQL database replication and clustering
  • Extensive application tuning and restructuring to enable greater scalability

As a direct result of initial and ongoing optimization efforts, the performance and stability of the site continued to improve and the site began to attract and grow a larger visitor and user base. The efforts paid off when the site was acquired by a large web property holding company.

A Fortune 500 telecom initiated a major redesign of how it delivers IT services and applications to its internal employees and partners around the United States. The client developed an internal hybrid cloud model to simplify and improve the delivery of internal business applications to its business units and nearly 250,000 employees. VIMRO was engaged to manage the deployment of the internal cloud hardware and networks. VIMRO security specialists were engaged in systems and data security architecture and regulation compliance for the newly developed internal hybrid cloud environment.

A well-known brand name in traditional paper publishing has been aggressively moving services to an online, electronic format. IT infrastructure was growing rapidly and was supported by a relatively modest size in-house technology team.

The client, based in New York, selected northern Virginia as the location for its datacenter due to the abundance of high quality facilities and network providers at reasonable costs. The client required a reliable partner based in northern Virginia to support its equipment, monitor the network, infrastructure and applications, as well as provide professional services such as remote hands and feet, asset management, and database configuration and tuning.

VIMRO worked with the client to setup redundant network connectivity, develop custom alerts and response procedures for 24/7 operational support, as well as providing ongoing remote hands and feet support. Due to its knowledge and experience with the client’s network and infrastructure, the company was engaged to configure numerous database clusters using Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL databases. As a result, the client saved a significant amount of resources in datacenter and support costs by leveraging our expertise in many areas on an as-needed basis.

One of the world’s leading telecommunications firms acquired a household brand name search engine and began to shift to the new units ever increasing responsibilities and mission critical projects. The business unit needed to acquire datacenter space in northern Virginia to augment a California presence and provide high-availability and disaster recovery features to a growing list of brand name web properties.

The newly acquired unit did not have a physical presence in northern Virginia with staff that was capable of managing a large enterprise datacenter infrastructure. The customer was looking for a reliable partner to help manage its east coast operations and provide 24/7/365 day support.

VIMRO’s engineers coordinated the initial and ongoing build-out efforts involving redundant network providers, thousands of servers, miles of cabling and switching and routing equipment. Engineers continue to support the ever changing needs of this complex infrastructure and routinely provide services ranging from remote hands, networking and server troubleshooting. The company routinely works with vendors such as HP, F5, NetApp, Cisco, APC, and ServerTech to meet the design requirements and ensure smooth operations for the client.

Return on investment and savings are significant as the client did not have to setup a Virginia presence and hire dedicated personnel. By leveraging VIMRO’s expertise ranging from project management, remote hands, networking engineers, storage, and systems administrators, on an as-needed basis, the client achieved tremendous flexibility and results at a fraction of the cost of performing the same work in-house.


A Maritime Port management authority handling over 30 million tons of cargo and simultaneously providing port facilities for thousands of US and international vessels annually.


An analysis of infrastructure and performance of video surveillance environment consisting of hundreds of sophisticated high-definition analog and IP based cameras. The objective of this project was to provide a vendor agnostic evaluation and to address specific customer concerns related to rapid growth of the video surveillance system.


Vimro engineers worked with the customer team and a video solution vendor to evaluate the existing video surveillance environment. Important highlights of this multidimensional effort included unbiased evaluation of the dedicated video network infrastructure, packet-level traffic flow / bandwidth usage analysis, impact of video compression / recording frame rates on the existing network infrastructure, assessment of the existing video management platform and overall assessment of cyber security of the video surveillance system.

At the end of the project, Vimro delivered a comprehensive technical assessment report that enabled customer engineers to gain a better understanding of the operational challenges and growth requirements of the mission-critical video surveillance system. At the CEOs request, an additional non-technical presentation was provided to C-Level stakeholders to assist the management team with maintaining the alignment between the technical requirements and business objectives.

A 100 year old leading national marketing solutions provider (online and print) with over 80 million users initiated an upgrade and consolidation of the existing networking and communication infrastructure of hundreds of sales and administrative office around the United States. One of the goals was to ensure continuity of network and communication service without interruption of sales or administrative functions. VIMRO deployed its field engineers and project management specialists to ensure the implementation of the upgrade and consolidation was completed on time with minimum interruptions to critical client services.