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Job candidates have evolved significantly over the last several decades. Your Recruiting & Staffing practice must evolve as well, or be left behind.

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Change has occurred in all facets of the job hunt, including with what job candidates are looking for, what they expect and what they will accept as a great place to work versus somewhere they’d never consider. This evolution is more prevalent with IT candidates than in any other industry.

Candidates of the Past

Limited information
Relies on the corporation
No voice
Hoards information
Climbs corporate ladder
Work 9 – 5
Work in an office
Use company equipment

Candidates of the Present

Free information
Relies on him/herself
Expects collaboration
Shares information
Professional/personal fulfillment
Work anytime
Work anywhere
Use any device

This progression has changed job candidate expectations. They now demand processes, information and treatment that is efficient, easy to use, understandable, flexible, approachable and People Oriented.

Recruiting and Staffing has also evolved and grown from a standalone business function into a Fusion of Practices. Every practice has an impact on Recruiting and Staffing, even if you don’t realize it. Recruiting and Staffing fuels the people side of the business, and because the job candidate has evolved, the Recruiting and Staffing at your company must evolve as well.

Learn more on how Business Practices impact Recruiting and Staffing.

VIMRO Agile and Adoptive Consulting Services help you navigate the business practice relationship and impacts. Because every business is different, we never come in with a single one-fits-all solution.

Achieving a successful state of talent acquisition processes to fuel your human capital needs means integrating a multi-step approach that includes:

  • Creating and maintaining a positive employment brand
  • Developing the right job descriptions to attract the right candidate
  • Sourcing the right candidates
  • Interview, screening and reference policies that work
  • Establishing a supportive candidate hiring process
  • Understanding your local labor market
  • Efficient onboarding processes
  • And much more….

Consider the impact of not recruiting or staffing well… less qualified candidates, lower quality work, increased costs, high turnover, poor customer service and lower company performance.

The right partner must have the expertise to understand the fluid nature of business and the market. They must be able to adapt to the changing conditions of your business, your projects and your people.

Use any or all of our consulting services as you need them – the choice is yours.

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