Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

As close partners with your business, we deliver the expertise necessary to make the greatest impact.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is responsible for creating and implementing the Recruitment and Staffing processes that work with every level of your business.

RPO solutions allow you to tailor required services to fit your business strategy. Outsourcing all or part of the Recruiting and Staffing processes is a dynamic approach to becoming competitive in today’s marketplace.

Recruiting and Staffing has evolved from a standalone business function to a combination of multiple components. Many different business units and practices have an impact on Recruiting and Staffing. Since people fuel your business, everything must work in harmony to attract and retain the best talent.


Marketing has a significant impact on how future candidates perceive your company as a place to work. From your marketing collateral and website to public sites like GlassDoor or GreatPlaceToWork, prospective candidates can get a clear sense of what it’s like to work for you. Is your business attractive to the best candidates?

Recruiting and Staffing personnel (your internal or 3rd party, like us) are typically the first point of contact with a future employee. How is your company represented during that first conversation? A job description is typically the first document the candidate sees. What does your job description reveal about the Hiring Manager and your company?

Human Resources is responsible for onboarding the people you want to hire. Are your documents and processes easy to follow, easy to read and utilized efficiently and effectively?

Legal provides documentation that’s vitally important to you and the candidate. Do you have the right documentation? Is it easy to understand, or does the legalese overwhelm and cause unnecessary apprehension?

Business Managers develop job requirements, interview candidates and are often involved in testing required skills. Are they asking for too much or too little in their job description? Are they effective in matching sourced candidates to the job requirements? Are their interview skills efficient, approachable and appropriately focused on selecting the best match?

VIMRO RPO Solutions bring proven methods and processes and work seamlessly with existing business groups to implement exactly what you need. We align different approaches to finding the right talent for your business needs. As an RPO partner, everything we bring to the table is based on desired results and outcomes tailored for your business requirements.

Achieve a simplified and improved talent supply chain, add expertise to the areas you need most and reduce your cost of new hires by reducing time to hire and recruiting/staffing professionals’ expenses.

What you can expect from us:

  • Quality – judge us by the results
  • Measurable Key Performance Indicators – only those that work for you
  • Lower cost – only what you need
  • Shared risk – co-employment benefits, if needed
  • Reduced time to hire – increase your team capacity and save time
  • Centralization – a single provider and simple reporting
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