Monthly Archives: October, 2016

2 Tricks That Can Fix a Bad Job Description

IT Job descriptions directly impact applicant quality and time to hire. Don’t let a bad one drive the best candidates away. The job description is a crucial tool for attracting qualified applicants. It is the first thing tech talent see when they are considering employment with your organization. Jazz up your job descriptions with a few…

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Hiring: Seeing It From the Candidate’s Perspective

When a candidate in the Tech world is entertaining opportunities, they’re more than likely engaged in conversations with multiple employers. We’ve had some customers upset at the idea that a candidate isn’t solely focused on joining their company and entertaining other opportunities. It’s important to understand that vacancies in the IT sector are rapidly outgrowing…

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In Search of an IT Unicorn?

Keeping your job requirements and expectations realistic. Unrealistic expectations when it comes to the talent market can lead to extended hiring cycles to the detriment of your desired outcomes. Knowing how to spot those impossible job descriptions in your own hiring process can save time and speed the process. Our team of Talent Acquisition Specialists…

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