VIMRO Moves: IT Support for Corporate Office Moves, Data Center Migrations & More

Introducing VIMRO Moves – specialized IT services for corporate office moves, office relocation, temporary workspace setup, data center migrations and more. Opening, moving, or closing an office in North America? Trust our efficient, proven methodology to get the job done right – anywhere, in almost any timeframe. The best part? When you choose VIMRO Moves, you get VIMRO's trusted, full-time IT professionals – not subcontractors or temps.

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Developed by VIMRO’s team of IT experts and based on decades of hard-won experience, the VIMRO Moves program allows organizations of all sizes to confidently and quickly handle office relocations, open new offices, refresh or remove existing IT infrastructure and support temporary or remote workplaces.

Our time-tested methodologies, SOPs and checklists let us do what commercial moving companies, office movers and local information technology providers can’t: Get you working seamlessly, in as little as a few hours.

VIMRO Moves LogoOther office relocation teams can handle simple IT logistics, networking, cabling and connectivity for small teams. But when the stakes are high – when network downtime or an unavailable application can cripple your business – you need VIMRO Moves’ proven four-step process.

Office Move Readiness Assessment

The VIMRO Moves Process

What are your exact business needs? Are you moving an office, opening a new location, migrating a data center or upgrading existing infrastructure? Is your company large or small? Where is your data housed? What downtime, if any, can be tolerated? The VIMRO Moves discovery process lets our team expertly suss out the details, prioritize tasks, build an office move project plan and set a realistic scope and price.

The VIMRO team has decades of experience setting up and defitting IT infrastructure. VIMRO Moves puts those years to work for you. We plan your project from beginning to end, managing your sites, working with internal and external stakeholders and setting you up for success. This includes:

  • Site surveys
  • Hardware/component procurement
  • Value-added interaction with contractors, architects, construction firms, vendors and IT hardware manufacturers
  • Temporary networking and logistics during the project itself

When it’s time for your office relocation, data center move or infrastructure buildout, our team is there for you. We provide on-site oversight, a dedicated project manager and a team of professionals to handle the actual work. The best part? When you hire VIMRO, you get VIMRO – not just a team of subcontractors we happened to find in your location. We handle:

  • Existing hardware defit, packaging, shipping and storage
  • Vendor management and coordination
  • Structured cabling and network cabling
  • Internet connectivity and logistics
  • Hardware setup and configuration

VIMRO Moves doesn’t end when you start using your new infrastructure. We pride ourselves on offering the industry’s best long-term IT service packages, including:

  • In-person and virtual training
  • On-site or remote support
  • Network and hardware maintenance
  • Future upgrades
  • Business continuity, disaster recovery and backups

VIMRO Moves: Office Relocation & More

Planning an office move, a new location or a major IT overhaul in North America? Our proven VIMRO Moves methodology gets it done on time and on budget, no matter the complexity or location. When failure isn’t an option, Fortune 500 firms rely on VIMRO. You can, too.

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