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Should You Ever Accept a Counter Offer?

You put in your notice, and your current employer counter offers. Now what? A lot of time and effort goes into looking for your next work home. You spend tons of time thinking about making a change, countless hours searching online, more hours doing research on different companies, networking and getting referrals from friends and…

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How to Scale Up Now Without Laying Off Later

How to Scale Up Now Without Laying Off Later The good news: New business was awarded increasing your project scope. Now you just need to figure out how to effectively scale up quickly without laying off later or being faced with idle resources. Customers, as well as the business, want projects done on time and…

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Holiday Hiring How-To

We know why most companies don’t often hire over the holidays, but why does the candidate pool seem to dry up, too, and what can you do about it? While many companies report a slowdown in hiring around the winter holiday season to stay within the current year’s budgets, quite a few still need temporary…

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