Case Studies

Providing Backup & Disaster Recovery Datacenter Management for a Global IT Solutions Provider

This India-based company aimed to make a seamless transition into US markets – and needed a partner who could help them establish their rapidly expanding business.

The Challenge:

A major IT solutions provider headquartered in India expanded into the U.S. market with several datacenter locations and a custom backup solution service line for thousands of U.S.-based small and medium sized businesses. The client developed and launched a localized and virtualized back-up solution that was used by thousands of businesses around the U.S.

What We Did: This client needed a trusted partner to help manage their East Coast datacenter and develop a logistics operations center for the delivery of services for the client and their national clientele. The VIMRO team offered services including:

  • Scalable on-demand operations including 24/7/365 support adhering to strict SLAs
  • Cost savings for client operations and infrastructure maintenance
  • Rapid response to changing requirements and growth

They also needed help handling the datacenter, network and hardware infrastructure while the central logistics facility operated the transfer of client data to storage servers. VIMRO’s engineers designed and architected high-availability networks at the East Coast datacenter, coordinated multiple vendors and hardware procurement and delivered on the actual buildout and turning up of the datacenter operations.

The responsibilities included copying backup data to the datacenter storage infrastructure as well as building recovery hardware with backup data in cases that had experienced failure at their primary location. In close proximity to the datacenter, VIMRO project managers organized, staffed and implemented a logistics operation that served as a daily central receiving and warehouse location for the client’s hardware components, which was vital to the delivery of services to the U.S. based businesses.


As the client’s service grew more and more successful, the volume of shipping, receiving and datacenter work grew at an unexpected and staggering rate. VIMRO scaled operations with minimal notice and helped the company develop new logistics processes and systems to handle the unanticipated workloads.

Following the initial deployment of the network and hardware, VIMRO remained engaged with the client as the hands-on support and maintenance provider. All aspects of the datacenter operations, including network maintenance, firewalls, load balancers, monitoring, cabling and technology upgrades/replacements, were fully maintained.

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